Stuart Austen clothing

I’m James the founder of Stuart Austen. The brand was inspired by my late Grandfather and a model lighthouse he made for me when I was 8 years old. The logo represents everything that he was; a watchful protector of his family and friends, guiding and supporting them through the good and bad. Let’s look out for each other, just like a lighthouse does.

Stuart Austen is proud to use sustainable materials for its clothing range - be it organic cotton or recycled polyester. All the garments are designed in house, and embroidered or screen printed by small businesses in the UK. Whilst we are keen to make a big splash we are conscious of the effect overproduction can have on our environment. We therefore only stock small quantities and try to be sustainable where possible, even down to our tags which grow wildflowers!

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Festive Marketplace, CT20 1QQ