Andy is a photographer from Kent. He loves capturing the world from unusual angles and perspectives. He will be selling a range of his framed and unframed work from Hut 31 in the Marketplace throughout the summer.

In October 2018 Andy’s world was literally turned upside down when he suffered an ischemic stroke caused by a blood clot blocking an artery in his brain. The stroke has left him partially sighted and with only vision in his right eye - this explains his slightly different perspective on the world, and why you’ll often see him bumping into things around his hut in the Marketplace.

Andy says “Photography is my therapy, the inner strength that drives me. I want to inspire, encourage and motivate other stroke survivors to look forward – one small step at a time. I want every picture I take to ask more questions than it answers. I want you to make up your own story each time you look at them - all I do is write the first chapter. Come and say hello when you visit the Harbour Arm”

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