Red One Design

Red One Design is a small independent shop by artist, designer and maker Kelly Davis. Kelly makes slow fashion products with a focus on surface pattern design from graphic hand embroidered line art t-shirts, ice dyed clothing and handmade accessories, created from her own art work and eco-friendly processes.

I established Red One Design shortly after I graduated from uni in Rochester in 2018 where I studied printed textile design. My small business has continued to grow ever since and with a lot of hard work and passion, I am now fortunate enough to do this full time.

Everything inside my shop is hand embroidered, dyed, sewn and created entirely by myself. My work often focuses around the natural world, taking inspiration from natural forms and interpreting into graphic artwork. I then translate this onto textiles to create a variety of clothing, accessories and artwork. It’s also important to me to make my products sustainable, for example all the dyes I use are eco friendly and I re-use as much of my textile waste as I can.

On the rare occasion I’m not working on my small business I love roller skating and tending to my indoor jungle.

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