Barney and the Pizza

Delicious, wood-fired pizza

All Barney and the Pizza pizzas have a delicious tomato base using San Marzano tomatoes from Naples. The pancetta, courgette and caramelised onion pizza is a real favourite amongst Barney fans; with onions caramelised to perfection in-house, it’s also the house favourite. Though there are some pretty close contenders, such as: artichoke with Kentish lemon oil; salami, smoked buffalo mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and rocket; anchovy, red onion and black olives; and there are the classic margherita and pepperoni, too.

All ingredients are locally sourced and fresh, which means the very best flavour for every pizza. The actual pizza oven is something to behold: it cooks the pizzas for around 60-90 seconds at over 400° C and is wood-fired. Even the wood is local. This makes the best-tasting pizzas in the team’s opinion. Barney’s team even make and sell their own pizza ovens – Agnes Outdoors – so you know they’re passionate about pizza!