The Signal Box

become a part of folkestone's heritage

Dating back to 1915, The Signal Box is one of the most impressive remaining heritage structures on our site, and is a living reminder of when we were a functioning ferry port.

After an extensive restoration job, the Signal Box was opened to the public in 2019 for the first time, with locals Alex and John reimagining the space as a coffee shop. They have since expanded across Folkestone, opening The Taco Shed in The Goods Yard and Cabron in town. We are now seeking new tenants to take on this incredibly historic, one-of-a-kind space and make it their own.

the story of the signal box
a highly unique space

Sat at the entrance to The Harbour Station, just across from the Viaduct and Swing Bridge, The Signal Box is uniquely positioned as one of the first spaces on our site that many visitors will encounter. The interior has been lovingly restored and is home to a simply breath-taking view across Folkestone’s Old Harbour and towards the White Cliffs of Dover.

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  • Rental is charged based on a percentage of business turnover. Traders benefit from minimal fixed start-up and ongoing costs.
  • A deeply historic, highly unique space in one of the highest footfall areas on our site.

    Increased interest and visits from those interested in railways and railway history.

    Beautiful views of Folkestone’s inner Harbour.

    Indoor seating.

    Dedicated outdoor seating area.

    Underground kitchen space.

  • Please make sure you provide the following information:

    A short proposal of what you want to do which includes a clear description of what you want to offer.

    Tell us why you think you and your business is a good fit for Folkestone Harbour Arm.

    A proposed menu if this is applicable.

    Indication of what drinks suppliers you intend to work with.

    A mood board to illustrate the look and feel of the space.

    A name for the business.

    Details about your previous experience in this area of work.

    If we like the look of your written proposal, we’ll ask to meet you, sample what you propose to offer and talk further about your proposal.

    If you are not successful this time round, but we like what you do, we will keep you in mind when new opportunities arise such as food festivals and market days, or when new spaces become available in the future.

  • We are very happy to answer any questions you may have and arrange a viewing before you submit your proposal. Please email to get in touch.