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The East Yard
The East Yard

a versatile, community driven food, drink and event space
our smaller food, drink and community event space

The East Yard is home to some of the Harbour Arm’s most driven and inventive traders. Dr Legumes offer a sublime, plant-based menu that changes with the seasons, Docker opens early to a queue customers after their sourdough creations before transforming into a taproom at the weekends and the Harbour Coffee Company serve sublime coffee that’s roasted on site. If you’re looking for creativity and quality, the East Yard is the space for you.

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fine plant-based dining Service Times
Thursday: 9 - 4 Friday & Saturday: 9 - 4 & 6 - 9:30 Sunday: 9 - 4


Our sourdough baking and beer brewing specialists The baked favourite at Docker has to be the House Sourdough. Made from…
coffee house and roastery right next to the english channel From its carefully selected and lovingly roasted coffee…