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The Hungry Hippy

Vegan ice-cream lovers will melt at the sight of the Hungry Hippy’s ice cream menu. returning 2022

Specialising in vanilla soft-serve vegan ice cream with a choice of 12 different toppings and 4-5 sauces, the Hungry Hippy also offers glorious vegan milkshakes and delicious vegan waffles. If you crave chocolate, caramel, raspberry or strawberry sauce with your popcorn covered ice cream, then the Hungry Hippy has your back. Try your ice cream with a freshly cooked waffle and some honeycomb pieces, Love Hearts, cookies or cream biscuits. There’s also a piña colada milkshake, which is perfectly satisfying on a sunny seaside day.

The Hungry Hippy team have previously plied their trade on the festival circuit, proving to be hugely popular. Now, their bright turquoise van will be plotting up for the summer on Folkestone Harbour Arm, just near the entrance, offering their sweet and satisfying vegan treats for all to enjoy.