That Burger

Delicious, juicy burgers. from all time classics to one-off creations

‘The Cheesy Pig’ has to be one of That Burger’s most popular creations. It consists of a secret recipe smoky sauce, bacon cooked in maple syrup, combined with locally sourced beef patties that are made fresh every day, topped with crispy fresh lettuce, sliced tomato and double cheese. It’s that burger to get out of bed for!

Here from the very beginning, the team at That Burger was part of the original bunch of traders put together for the first season on the Harbour Arm. Since that early step into the unknown, but with a lot of pop-up restaurant experience under their belts, That Burger have become a mainstay for many of the Harbour Arm’s regular visitors. After all, there aren’t many places you can sit out in the middle of the sea, listen to great live music and enjoy a tasty burger all at the same time.