Dr Legumes

The East Yard
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fine plant-based dining

Service Times
Thursday: 9 - 4 Friday & Saturday: 9 - 4 & 6 - 9:30 Sunday: 9 - 4

You must try the Dr Legumes Seitan Pastrami Reubens Sandwich. Lovingly made on Docker Sourdough bread, it’s laced with spiced mustard mayonnaise (vg), crispy locally grown mixed herb salad, plum tomatoes, pickled cucumber, seitan pastrami, sauerkraut and melted smoked vegan cheddar. This magnificent creation has become a staple for customers due to its plain and simple deliciousness.

Pals and business partners, Lee and James, joined the Harbour Arm for its very first season, representing the high-value vision for the Arm from day one. Offering a plant-based culinary experience based on a health conscious and sustainable approach to eating, Dr Legumes has been a magnet for foodies since it opened its doors. Whilst any Dr Legumes dish is an archetype of thoughtful food, it is also outright delicious and dripping with goodness. But this isn’t surprising, considering Lee and James have been part of Folkestone’s budding food community collectively for over 20 years.