Bobbies Bakehouse

generously filled, freshly baked bagels and incredible sweet treats

One of the best bites at Bobbies Bakehouse has to be the house Salt Beef Bagel. The bagels are homemade – which you can imagine are pretty sumptuous given the owners' combined experience (see below!). And the beef is house-cured for 10 days. Washed down with a hot brew of coffee and there you have a pretty splendid experience, especially given the delightfully quirky and unique space in which you are served.

Husband and wife team Alex and John joined the Harbour Arm in 2019. With two weeks to turn the old Folkestone Harbour Station Signal Box into a cafe, they launched to the supportive cheers of family and friends. And they’ve built a strong cohort of regulars since. No wonder, since before Bobbies Bakehouse, Alex worked as a canapé chef and wedding caterer in Hythe and John plied his trade as a pastry chef in London.

Bobbies Bakehouse

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