COVID-19 UPDATE - Last Updated 24/3/2020

Those who are signed up to our weekly newsletter (get regular updates from Folkestone Harbour Arm here) will know that we intended to start the Folkestone Harbour Arm 2020 Season on the 27th of March. However, circumstances have changed and in common with many other venues and attractions we must reflect official advice to encourage social distancing by postponing the start of our programme for 2020.

Although we will not be staging events that draw large crowds, as an open-air space the Harbour Arm will remain open for promenading with social distancing. We hope this will enable you to enjoy the fresh sea air and incomparable views as the days get longer and the weather improves. 

Details will be shared about how we plan to support our independent traders. Both Docker Bakehouse and Dr Legumes have started an expanded deliverly and take-away service. 

Discover a range of food – from fresh Greek mezze served from a double decker bus, to vegan fare in a restaurant housed in two shipping containers, to Champagnes in a bar tucked into the Lighthouse at the end of the Arm.

Along the Arm, there are huts serving street food: ribs, hog roast, Dutch pancakes, home-made burgers, Polenta encrusted fish, and so much more, all with a choice of beers and soft drinks. 

You can buy food and drink from any outlet and eat wherever you like on the arm. It is a space to share.

In the covered area along the platform small, inside units offer a range of delicious food; crisp Italian pizzas, Indian streetfood and Basque inspired tapas. English wines and craft beers are served inside, alongside real ales. There’s even one unit entirely dedicated to serving up a fine selection of cocktails and international beers.

Much of the food on the Harbour Arm is locally sourced: fish from the trawlers in the adjoining harbour, bread and beer from our own on-site bakery and brewery and meat and vegetables from farmers and smallholders in surrounding Kent – The Garden of England.  The Harbour Arm also supports small, local breweries and the growing number of quality wines produced in Kent.

Folkestone Harbour Arm has quickly become celebrated as a food, drink and event destination. Discover us via the beautifully restored Folkestone Harbour Station and Viaduct across the Inner Harbour, which offers a beautiful new route from the old town through to the Lighthouse.

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