Open at various times through the weekend, plus high days and holidays, food outlets range from a seafood stall selling fresh oysters at the entrance, to a Champagne bar situated at the far end of the arm in the Lighthouse.

In between you will find huts serving street food: hog roast, Dutch pancakes, home-made burgers, grilled and fried fish and Greek mezze from a double decker bus. 

In the covered area small, inside units offer a range from dressed crabs and fish chowder to thin, crisp pizzas and salads, pancake rolls and dim-sum steamed buns.

A variety of wines and craft beers are served, alongside real ales and a choice of lagers at several of the small bars, with one unit dedicated to an inventive selection of cocktails.

The majority of food on the Harbour Arm is locally sourced: fish from the trawlers in the adjoining harbour, bread from local bakeries, meat and vegetables from farmers and smallholders in surrounding Kent – The Garden of England.  The Harbour Arm also supports small, local breweries and the growing number of quality wines produced in Kent.)

Check individual outlets pages for opening times and offers.

You can buy food and drink from any outlet and eat wherever you like on the Harbour Arm.

It is a space to share.

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